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More About the "Martenitsa" and How to Make Your Own

My last post about the Bulgarian holiday Baba Marta received some interest, so I decided to share with you how you can make a simple martenitsa by yourself, and I found this video. These bracelets are now much more common than the dolls I shared in my previous post.

As children, we used to make the bracelets ourselves, but instead of the scissors shown in the video, two kids rotated the tied threads in opposite directions. This is the most simple way, but you can get very creative with it and make different designs.

When we were in school, everyone used to receive a martenitsa from their family members, friends, schoolmates and teachers. We used to wear 30 or more bracelets and the more you had, the cooler you were. However, grown-ups usually wear just the ones from their closest people. One more proof that kids are way cooler!

The photo is from last year. As I mentioned in my previous post, when the first signs that spring is arriving appear, we tie the adornments to blooming trees. Read more about the holiday here.

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  1. Spring has already passed us by and we are stepping into summer. The heat is on. I love DIY’s, I enjoy doing them. However, I have to restrain myself due to problem related to my back.


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