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Milk Tea and Chips

My daughter was not feeling well when I came home from work on Tuesday. My husband asked his friend who is a doctor what medicine he could give to my daughter.  Because she has a fever the doctor recommended to give her paracetamol which my husband did.

I came to the bed where she was sleeping and whispered, “come on Baby, eat your dinner and take your medicine. Tomorrow I’ll buy you a Milk Tea from Imperial Macau.”

There was no reply. But I saw her walked to the dining area, ate dinner and took the medicine.

On the following day was a holiday so I don’t need to go to work. I saw her came down from her room and stayed in our bed. After a while, she asked, “Where is the Imperial Macau Milk Tea?”

“What do you mean?”

“But, you promised!”

So my son and I went out to buy Milk Tea. We had it for take-out and at home, I set out the table where we can spend time chatting. I also added some chips. It was a good day to spend with my children.

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Written by Sharon Lopez

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    • Thank you for sharing your thought, Thomas. Well, actually, milk tea may not be a new product. Though it’s starting to become more popular nowadays. In fact, the place where we bought the tea was only opened during the second week of May.

    • Thank you, Abhishek. The reason why we work so hard because we want to give the best to our family. So, when there is a chance, spending it with them should be our priority.

      I’m glad to know about spending every evening with your wife for a date. I would assume that you don’t have children as of yet. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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