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Mandatory Sleep

The simple definition of sleep may be that we go into a state that is unaware of the surroundings. Humans lie down for a few hours in one place to relax their bodies And in the meantime he doesn’t feel the need to talk and see, but he moves and breathes. Usually we do not make any preparations for sleep or relaxation and this is included in our routine.

We all know that sleep is essential for physical and mental health, but to stay healthy and fit, it is important to get good sleep timely and consistent. Some people worry about insomnia or sleep disturbances and there are a variety of reasons for this. It also include mental distress, confusion and anxiety.

During sleep our brain keeps working while the body is relaxed and its temperature drops. How much sleep can be necessary for any human being? In this regard, experts have made age the basis.

Their research suggests that children can sleep for about seventeen hours a day and Children above five years can sleep about nine or ten hours a day while the majority of adults feel the need for seven or eight hours of sleep a night. However, some people wake up less often and do not feel any complaint. Medical researchers consider seven or eight hours of sleep necessary, but for some it is a longer duration.

According to expert, sleep less than a certain duration is not good for health and Such people feel tired and upset and irritable.

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