Does the baby not sleep at night?

After the first child, new parents expect their child to get used to sleeping at night by the age of 6 months, but this is not often the case. Instead, they try to sleep with him in their arms. It doesn’t have to be this way, but every child’s sleep time can be different.

Children’s sleep habits can vary greatly, even on a daily basis. On average, these mothers say that their babies slept for 6 hours continuously for 5 nights during 2 weeks while they enjoyed 8 hours of continuous sleep for 3 nights in the same period, but 50% of the children never slept for 8 hours continuously.

Although previous research reports have shown that young children become accustomed to sleeping at night during different stages of development, but not much has been done about the individual tendencies to sleep each night.

It is important to note that some of the parents’ habits are also linked to their children’s sleep habits. For example, breastfeeding and sleeping with baby have the greatest effect on each night’s sleep habits. However, frequent being waking of children at night does not necessarily may be the different case.

Parents often have very conflicting information about their children’s sleep, they should not worry that the child is not accustomed to sleeping at night at a certain age, because childhood sleep habits can be very different. Parents and medical professionals need to be aware that sometimes sleeping at night does not mean that children’s behavior has changed, and an important part of this myth is to understand parents’ perceptions and expectations, and further research is expected in the future to find out what it means for them to sleep through the night.

  • Does your baby not sleep at night?

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