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Macro Monday – The wonderful world of insects – Lace bug returned

I hoped not to meet this creature again, but with the heat, it returned to my balcony. As a photographer, I like it and was a challenge to photograph it. It is very small, only 3 mm long, and is quite “lively”. It moves continuously and it was hard to photograph it. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I managed to take this photo. As you can see, it has a beautiful pattern on its wings. I wonder how such a beautiful creature can do such great damage. Unfortunately, I have to apply for a drastic treatment to remove it. I don’t want to let it destroy my lemon tree!

(Note: I do not write this post as an insect specialist( I’m not), I write this post as a photographer.) 

 I share this picture with Macro Monday Challange

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. Wow, what a great looking insect. As a photog that is. I have never heard of it, but by all means save that lemon tree. Great job on the moving macro, that is extremely hard to do and you did it well. Congrats, and I hope it is gone forever now except in photos.. Where it may live forever.

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