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Macro Monday! "In the realm of the rose."

I am so happy that I have the opportunity to go out even for 1 hour. So I can see the beauty of spring. I have the opportunity to choose when to take the walk in the morning or in the evening. From today we have the right to go for coffee on the open terraces. Torrevieja in Spain is lucky because not all cities have moved to phase 1.

I found an excerpt for a story that I want to share with you. Find in facebook – Quotes from movies and books.

“- Dad, why do you always give roses to mom?

“Because, son, women are like roses.” Your mother taught me that. You saw the rose bushes in your grandmother’s yard. Before they bloom, they don’t look as attractive as we’re used to seeing them in your grandmother’s yard or in store windows, do they? Only stems with thorns and leaves and budding color. And women are like that – they don’t allow anyone to see their true selves here, they defend themselves, they protect themselves from being hurt, they try to be independent, free … And only the right people who love and can wait will succeed to see that beauty of the woman about whom poems are written poem after poem … And just as when the rose blooms, it becomes the most beautiful flower in your grandmother’s garden and its aroma is felt from so far away, the same happened with mother you. At first she didn’t believe me at all, she wanted to be independent, but I didn’t give up. I loved her, she was beautiful, she was charming, even when she was with “her thorns” and I waited, waited until she decided to trust me. And then, when it “blossomed” … Son, there is no other such moment. It has become the most beautiful flower among flowers. Simply because it was My rose. “

“Instead of being angry that the rose has thorns, I’m glad that a rose grows along with the thorns.”

Joseph Joubert

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