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Love to nature

One of those magical moments whose meaning and power only comes to light later, some time later…

I sat there, between heaven and earth, with all my being distanced from the past and future, living only that moment, that love, those sounds and smells emanating from that wild heaven.

I felt blessed. I realized clearly the unique gift of life given to me, the happiness and sweet responsibility of being a human on this Earth.

Love to nature comes, takes root, rules, and manages everything in its own way.

Photo from Fuerteventura

© Fortune, 2020

  • It’s great that we still have places of wild nature, agree?

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  1. That’s a very beautiful scene! I am learning to live in the moment, but not in the past or future. It’s good to experience that.

    I am staying in the city, though we don’t have such wild places nearby, I am still grateful to have a park within walking distance where we can enjoy the lake, trees, birds and other insects…

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