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Look Beyond Black and White ~ Let's Do More

It is our reality, the reality of our minds that live in the plains of duality that always sees everything in a black and white frame.

Indeed, there is nothing wrong with looking at the ten aspects of our lives in that perspective that is very attached to us, but if we want to see the reality of true life, the essence of our lives, the universe, the One, go out through those boundaries occasionally, and find the magic of Love, Peace, and Bliss.

  • Could it be that we see everything beyond the perspective of duality?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t know about that
    • I always do that


What do you think?

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  1. We should all learn to go between the lines in life into the gray areas, stay there and try to figure it out. If there is no answer, go back to the black and white. What is wrong with venturing out and going toward the color from time to time? Isn’t this how we learn in life? No matter what you can always return home to the black and white.

  2. The simple answer is to stay with black and white. Between the two lies gray and that is when the problems start. When things are in the gray they don’t fit black or white. A splash of color drives our eyes to it, but always because we prefer color to the gray.
    “There are only shadows in the gray.”

  3. I can hardly respond to your reply. But if I think harder about how your character is, as far as I know, you are a person who is attentive and very sincere, you also like to share the joy with others, and that noble attitude has become a good example for the world to build a spirit of togetherness with full of love.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Alibb.

      Your view that “Not everything is just b / w” is wisdom because if we look closely at our world, everything is about duality, about black and white. Always about profit and loss, healthy and sick, good and bad, right and wrong, colorful and colorless, sincere and pretentious, left and right, etc. and even balance is the midpoint between two ends, but there will be many pros and cons when you say there is a gray world, that’s our black and white world.
      Only consciousness, at least wisdom can lead us beyond duality, and you have it, dear friend.


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