Just for Fun and Jolly Old London Town!

The city has many iconic sites and places! Let’s see how many we can count in the video!

This video is just fun. If you’ve ever watched Monte Python you know that the British have a wickedly delightful sense of humor.

My first work trip to London was a way stop on the way to Darby England. My next trip was over the Holidays, (( literally flew on New Years day). We stayed, in the square that is featured in the second video (Trafalgar Square). It was an interesting trip overall.

My third trip was a lot more fun. We flew in on Saturday and stayed through the next Monday. So we got to spend a weekend sightseeing.

It was a blast! We hit the Harrods, Tower of London, Walked the Thames and Big Ben!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun Challenge – post a fun picture, fun videos, and share a story! You can add places you have been, cars you have owned or weeds you have picked!

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental.

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    London is a city every one knows, right?

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    The Romans conquored most of England?

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  1. London is the capital of the United Kingdome because of the Romans. I really love London, I have been many, many times. I lived in England and I went to London every weekend. My sister lived in Pimlico and Hackney and I visited her plenty of times. I have spent wonderful days there.


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