Just for fun and Dylan

I did this when I was teaching 5th graders.

we used up around 7 dozen eggs. that part was wasteful, but it was fun!

A Mash-Up Challenge (Ellie’s creation)!

Yes song Saturday, with Saturday in the title.

Dylan Thomas Andersen, or The Bear. Sometimes called Flippy because he flips his ears open. He joined our family 8 years ago and changed everything.

Dylan has rules. One of the rules is the time of the walk. If I am not ready when he thinks it is walk time he takes things from my office to get me to chase him. It’s a lab thing.

He is quite a serious dog, the kids all say he is a stoic!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun challenge – just use the title Just for fun and share some things that make you happy!!!

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    Dogs and cats are amazing right?

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    Dylan carries stuff out of my office when he is mad, does your pet do that?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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