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Just for fun and Car Crazy 5

Ok, I love this song. But the eye in the sky hits really close to home now. There are eyes in the sky!

But this is still a great song from Alan Parson’s Project.

The second song comes from just a few days ago. Steve Martin, the comic, is a great banjo player. He played a song fro all of us near woods, outdoors.

a song for all of us!

Yes continuing the car challenge. When we moved to Cincinnati Ohio the car we moved with was dying. We decided to get a new car. The convertible was the car we finally decided on. My only objection at the end was “it is a shared car, you will share right?” Was asked of my wife. “of course.” she said.

So we bought the convertible. i actually drove it home.

I got to drive it the next day, to get the new License plates for the car.

Then 3 months passed. It was a glorious sunny day.

“May I drive the convertible today,” I asked my wife.

She looked at me, and said: “it is our car, you get it on rainy and snowy days.”

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    Do you think it was fair? What happened in the story?

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    Car Crazy and just for fun are a great way to combine challenges, yeah>?

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