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Just for fun and Car Crazy 15

another day – another timelapse!

I can say, that this city is one that I spent time in, but not enough! I was in Seoul for three days and I would love to go back! Seoul South Korea!

Another city that is magical! I love the mix of old and new that is Bejing!


I think it is funny now when I go to a Chrysler Dealership wandering cars that the Pacifica that once was a crossover is now a mini-van!

Crossovers are cars that sit between sedans and SUVs. The original Pacifica that we had when we were in Indiana was a crossover, not a mini-van. Back then I would literally put 40,000 or more miles on a car every year, so we tended to trade cars every two years. No longer!

This one makes me laugh now because Chryslers mini-van is now the Pacifica! When Mercedes Benz bought Chrysler 10 or so years ago, the joke we used to tell was:

“every Chrysler owner in the US, just woke up with a Mercedes Benz in their Garage” yay!

“but every Benz owner just woke up with a Chrysler in their garage” oh no!

Anyone can join the Just for Fun/Car Crazy challenge. Simply post a picture of a car you’ve owned or driven and a story about the car, or post funny videos to share and help people laugh! or do both in one post!!!!

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