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It's Already Red Now ~ Nature Tuesday

That foxtail palm fruit already turns red. For the past few weeks, I have not noticed it, while the last time I noticed it was still yellowish green.

I think this is a typical human reality too. If you see or pay attention to someone or with frequent or continuous then we will have a little difficulty seeing or feeling a change, but if you don’t see it for a certain amount of time, you will realize that something has changed.

I even lost orientation in a certain part of Jakarta some time ago because I didn’t come to the area for a long time, also like a college friend I had difficulty finding my mother’s house, the house I lived in since I was a child which also gathering place for many friends, and once again as a meeting point after he moved out of town two years ago. He also fails to recognize my two daughters after seeing them last time four years ago.

In this case, we can be like to stand on one of the two ends of the lever with different effects. At the edge of A, we who continues to see like losing the change process while at the edge of Z we will lose familiarization or orientation.

  • Have you ever felt like you didn’t recognize something that was previously close to you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. The picture is very beautiful, dear Albert….a very interesting question … sometimes things are happening to me … I come to a certain place where for a while I have not been and I’m looking for a building that in fact never stood there, but I wonder if I’m silly

  2. Here, in Spain, something like that may happen to me. There are many changes in my home town, but that can not happen to me right now. I’ve lived there for 46 years. Maybe I will not recognize the children of my girlfriends.I am interested in these red fruits.

  3. what an interesting question, Albert. I suspect you’ve captured the essence of human nature. We are resolute in our goals, in our justifications of life.

    When things are presented that we know, but that has changed slightly, we are suddenly met with the reality that our justification our resolution may have been incorrect.

  4. Yes I know that feeling …

    I didn’t take a route to the bus stop because its blocked for constructions, weeks later, it was empty (a huge building meter room they say) was demolished. Then a few weeks more, it’s a grassland! I thought I took the wrong turn… lol

    And often, when someone changed, we still have that “old” version lingering in our mind.

    • That’s a strange and sometimes embarrassing feeling, right? How can we get lost in our own environment… Especially if we forget a good friend who didn’t meet again for a long time…
      Also about people, we often don’t even want to believe that someone we really know has changed, in any sense…

  5. When I went to my home town after 15 years I had to ask for directions to get to our ancestral home. I felt weird . lack of familiarity does breed disorientation. I love those red berries.

  6. Nice red berries. In the 1970s there was a new housing development at Opononi, and my parents built a house there, we went there for Christmas for 2 years. My eldest sister nearly had a divorce over driving her very young children from Gisborne first to Auckland, (which is 5 hours without stopping) They don’t stop.
    Then another 4 hours after that .They told my parents they would not be gong to that place again.
    After Dad retired he sold that house and moved to Papatoetoe in Auckland as no one in the family may visit them

    I have been past since and everything there has completely changed


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