it is the time again of time again

The song rising

from the fixed location

even though it is truly off key

as the chorus grows

and flows around us

like prickly thorns

tearing flesh from our hearts

ripping into

what we are

to lay bare. The chorus grows 


become centered

self the only vision.

I am.

I have.

Its me.

and those that wonder

cannot feel

the puff of smoke

rising from 

their laid bare hearts

each one

breathing the air

to find

nothing there.

The tale

missing even the idiot.

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    It is payment time, have you posted that Verily paid you?

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    Have you ever posted that Verily paid you?

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What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      • Lol! And that is a very good decision to take, Doc. I’m worrying the negativity will diminish the light in you ??. See, I appreciate your loyalty and your being passionate about your stand because I am the same way and so I understand where it is coming from. However, I read also that anything (or anyone for that matter) that irritates us teaches us something. You will always have my support, of course. Just the same, kindle that light within you and do not let other people’s actions let you down. ???

    • First, you asked so it isn’t rude! I get frustrated with the people that spend so much time complaining but are the first to say I got paid. The reality is the majority of writers on Virily get paid once a quarter or less.

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