Is Skeptism Healthy in Writing?

Skepticism is Healthy, Said The Romans Latin quote: Nullius in verba: “Take nobody’s word for it.” Your computer is more than just a technological marvel! Obviously, my plea in the previous post, for being skeptical and that you ought to “question everything” is about far more than just the high-tech tool you have sitting in front of you. 

As I wrote in the previous post, an incredible amount of information we’re shown every day is completely fake!—or at least “embellished” and presented in such a way as to have you and I believe that things are other than they seem. Add to this our natural and human tendency to believe that which supports what we already believe. We know it as a literary “echo chamber”, it’s exceptionally easy to be misled and misinformed. The same solution is applicable: Be skeptical. Question everything… …even things you already know to be true.

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  1. Trust, but verify.

    so much information is nuanced, my new goal is that news organizations return to the news. Back in the days of early TV, they literally put this is a commentator across the screen as they brought on the opinion piece.

    we live in the age of crap for information.
    I’ve actually covered this topic extensively for many years. IT is my job.

      • the reality is that no matter what sources we choose to use, they are suspect. we need the news to go back to saying
        the following is a commentary.
        and then the person speaks.

        they stopped doing that about 20 years ago in the US, when did they stop in SA? Or did they ever? Your media was very controlled prior to the changeover.

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