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Increase Writing Production: Write Article Sets…

Writing articles has always been fun for me, but it can be even more rewarding when you learn how to produce more of them in less time. 

Article Sets Defined: A “set of articles” is anytime you produce 2 or more articles at a time. 

Once again, I need to point out, that there are probably 100’s of thousands of ways to write articles writing or make article sets. What I share here is just the way I have been doing it for several years.

Types of Article Sets: 

(1) Article sets by topic or sub-topic. Example: If you were writing about racquetball as your topic, you could make a plan to write 2 articles on racquetball nutrition, 4 articles that go into detail about each of the different colors of racquetballs on the market and what they mean, and a 10-pack of articles on the forehand or backhand drills. 

(2) Article sets by the style of writing. Example: One style might be all bullet points, another list of things, another is a Q&A approach, another might be conversational or discussion of issues. Note: Each type of writing is best when done in sets of the same style.

 (3) The accidental article sets. Example: Your target is to produce (2) articles that are 400 words each. While getting started, you get on a roll and accidentally produce a fantastic 800-word article. Break the article in half, give the other half a new title and you have an instant article set, even if it was created by accident.

 (4) Article sets based on customer or prospect frequently asked questions. Example: Customers or prospects are always asking questions, check the Facebook groups, they are a wealth of Q & A’s. Tune into them, by the group and by topic, and then hammer out some article sets that answer each question. Real questions and very real answers. Using the racquetball topic, you might have 7 questions from your audience on how to prepare for a tournament. Each of them makes excellent article topics.

Check out the topics that are trending and you may just discover a treasure chest of articles to write about real problems people are having and you providing decent valuable answers. 

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