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Is it a pillow or ___________?

Soft and supple pillows are considered one of the most important item for optimal sleep. That is, the more comfortable the pillow is, the better the sleep will be.

Take a look at this picture first, what do you think, that Is this pillow soft and comfortable or not? Of course, your answer would be that this pillow is a gentle and comfortable pillow, But now, I will tell you the secret behind this pillow.

Yes! It’s not really a pillow Rather, it is a marble carving crafted by an artist with utmost sophistication.

Check out detail here  Marble Pillow 

The artist haikon anton carves the marble with such sophistication that it looks exactly like the original. Norwegian artists use hammers and various tools for carving marble. Looking at the marble pillows, it seems very soft and supple and the cotton will be inside it, but the reality is quite the opposite.

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