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Internet Myth: Your Diet affects your Body odour

A comedian set out to prove some Internet myths. And so he decided to eat rose petals for 3 meals a day for 7 straight days! (That is 21 meals!!)

Well, Mr.Boar here suffers from mild B.O because he sweats a lot. So he decided to try the internet myth and eat Rose petals!

He added rose petals to all his food … and he commented that Rose petals tasted really bad (they’re very bitter) but does works well with some food … like pancake and when they’re fried.

  • Question of

    Example 1: Rose with pancake

    • Yucks! I won’t eat it!
    • Worth a try!
  • Question of

    Example 2: Rose soup

    • No way!
    • Just one mouth!
  • Question of

    Example 3: Baked Rose

    • Just one small petal!!
    • No!!
  • Question of

    Example 3: Fried Rose

    • Does it taste like rose chips?
    • No way!!
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    Alex, will you try this? Rose Sushi! (Others can vote too!!)

    • Yes
    • No
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    In the end… the myth is not true! His Body smell did not become better. It stayed the same.

    • Maybe he did not eat them long enough! Should try for a month!
    • I expected this result!


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  1. Very interesting post! Rose petals and rose water are traditionally used in some desserts here, I particularly like rose jam and candies. 🙂 As for odours, diet really matters, but it I guess it desn’t work in such a straight forward way.

  2. I would not try to eat roses but it is an amusing thought. Too bad it did not work for him. I do remember the story of how my dad and his best friend popped open a can of chocolate-covered grasshopper one Christmas and ate them.

  3. This is funny, but interesting topic lol. I would not eat rose anything unless I knew it was safe, and then maybe just try one rose fried chip lol. People will eat chocolate ants, etc. that I would not do lol.

    • I think they’re safe to eat but well, the taste won’t be good.
      I was thinking fried rose chips sounds ok… but it does looks a little oily…
      Yuck, I don’t think I’ll ever try eating an insect of I’ve a choice …

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