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Weather Challenge November 25, 2019

Our weather today, November 25, 2019, is cool and crisp. It is currently 32° F (0° C) under cloudy skies and our high temperature is predicted to reach all the way up to 39° We are also supposed to get periodic snow flurries, with 1 to 3 inches of snow accumulation expected.

Our current temperature was the high-temperature last year and in 2018, it got down to 18°. This is way off the record marks, though. The record high was 58° set in 1949 and the record low was -10° in 1993. In fact, our temperatures today should be close to normal, which is a high of 36° and a low of 22°. There is a very slight breeze and the humidity is at 75%, also pretty normal.

None of this is surprising since we are coming off an El Niño year. Today is my wife’s birthday, so we probably aren’t going anywhere today anyway, ut so far, this is fairly nice weather. I’m also mindful of a curiosity here; usually, if there is snow on the Ground on Thanksgiving, there is no snow on the ground on Christmas and a dry Thanksgiving usually means a white Christmas.

The picture is Logan Pass in Glacier National Park this morning.

  • Do you have or have you had any snow yet?

    • Yes
    • We rarely or never get snow
    • No


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Written by Rex Trulove