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Weather Challenge for December 2, 2019

Like in so many other places, the weather here in Montana can change rapidly. In fact, Montana holds records for the speed of weather change. I awoke yesterday morning, the first of December, to a light dusting of powder snow everywhere and temperatures hovering around 5° F. I also had a flat tire, but that is off-topic.

It never did get up to freezing yesterday and remained cold all day. At the moment, though, it is 33°. An inch of snow is predicted, but the high temperature is supposed to get all the way up to 42° The warmer temperatures are what brings rapid snowfall accumulations.

Again, we are well off the mark for records. The record low for this day was -4° in 1931 and the record high was a decade later. in 1941, it reached 58°.  All in all, we are doing far better than in some other parts of the country. The northeast is being slammed with snow and cold. It is colder still in Alaska, as one might imagine. The southeast US is slated to get very cold temperatures during the early part of this week. Still, it is milder here than in most of the state. In fact, it is currently snowing near Missoula, about 70 miles from here.

The picture is from St. Mary Lake, where the temperature is almost identical to here. That is melting ice you see on the lens.

  • Is your weather better, worse, or about the same as last week?

    • better
    • worse
    • the same


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Written by Rex Trulove


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  1. At least you have some snow. Here in the Outaouais valley Canada, we have had a small snow storm last week and now it is all melted and all I see is green. The forecast here is for a warmer than usual winter. Argh, I want the same snow amount as last year but it seems my prayers are not going to be answered…

    • It is hard to predict very far in advance, but since the El Nino is over, it could be dry in some places. It probably won’t be here, but weather is a strange thing. Last year, we were mild and had less snow than normal, going into February. Then we got totally slammed and ended up with one of the biggest snow years on record.


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