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That is pure craziness, right! Well if you agree then you are completely swamped out by the rest of humanity who call it the most dreaded day of the week as well.

Just the thought of Monday for almost 88 % of people, a Monday means unfulfilled dreams, fear, anxiety, endless to-do lists, and a stagnant life. When your soul is running on empty, how do you cope with these challenges?

You are not going to believe it, but, you actually know very well how you are supposed to cope already. Even as you read this and are possibly doubting that you do, perhaps because of fear of what you already know about yourself or someone or something, face it head-on!

You go around in circles trying to avoid the inevitable, but deep inside, you have always known who you are and, that whatever it is you are avoiding, sooner or later, you’re going to have to face it.

Start tomorrow, the first day of 2020 Start by embracing the desition you made in the dying gasps of this decade of existence in a life which is not you, never fear anyone or anything ever again, FEAR ONLY TO FEAR.

From this day forward, every mile, every inch forward will be a victory towards allowing the real you a chance at life. instead of dreading Mondays or any other day or thing, Allow your new motto to be,

I Thank God It’s Monday

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    Is there some truth in what I wrote?

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    If it’s true, are you going to allow the real you to live?

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    • Hello Alex, Thanks for commenting, Interesting perception, could you possibly elaborate? There is a growing “abstract” perception regarding a state of being, or not being in has originated in Canada, where a certain clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson was troubled by two developments: a federal amendment to add gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Act, and his university’s plans for mandatory anti-bias training. Starting from there, he also rallied against Marxism, human rights organizations, HR departments and “an underground apparatus of radical left political motivations” forcing neutral pronouns like Gender, on him, the latter concept, in part at least, namely, the expression of “neutral or abstract pronouns”, of which he grappled with is what I find fascinating and am truly trying to grasp as well.

      • certainly. a day happens in nature, so they aren’t made up but days of the week are make believe, since calendars don’t exist in nature but only in the minds of men

        Monday does not exist for animals, or even for some humans. some pretend that today is Wednesday, and there is a lot of social pressure to play along. but days of the week don’t really exist, nor do weeks for that matter

        • Sure, Alex, a “wild” baboon doesn’t know Monday from Sunday nor is it relevant to most animals and even some remote tribes but try and tell your landlord the 31st of December 2019 or month-end doesn’t exist and is only “make-believe” and that rent is only make-believe.

          Even offering services for payment could be a problem. Anyhow, this whole abstract notion, sounds like a “happy mushroom induced” concept, IE. alternating and multi genderism is, to quote Professor Jodan Petersen where he says: “I don’t believe that other people have the right to determine what words I use especially when they are backed by time-proven punitive legislation and when the words that are now being required are artificial constructions of people I regard as radical ideologues” who’s viewpoint I do not share,”. and neither do I, Alex, LOL.

          • laws and taxes are also make believe. but most of us pretend they are real as well. hell, any currency not backed something of actual value will only have a fictional value…

            you know what isn’t make believe? chromosomes. I don’t argue with facts, and there is no alternative way to interpret a Y chromosome

  1. I know about your struggle Carol and how you manage to cope. I don’t have a problem either but looking at trending posts in 2019, 88 % find Monday the most dreaded day of the week. On closer inspection, most people experience naked fear, anxiety, dread and all of the above stuff concerning Mondays. I just thought, that if the stats are that high for the rest of the population, then there has got to be one or two, on Virily struggling with denial. I’m coping somehow with my situation and realized that what I’m doing to get through my own day to day pains, should be shared because it could just help someone else, to get by.

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