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How long will you wait for food delivery?

Something not so pleasant happened today. I was making my delivery as usual when I got a 2nd order. We call that group order and the 2nd and subsequent orders will be auto-accepted as long as they’re from the same restaurant which I’ll be picking up the food from. I, of course, can choose to cancel the order, if it’s too out of the way, but that will affect my rate.

Anyway, the customer seems unhappy that he has gotten someone who is on foot and dropped me a message requesting that I deliver within 30 minutes. I told him it’s not possible and he said that I shouldn’t have accepted the order when I’m on foot.

-_- I’m usually on foot! I’m a Walker! -___-“

Well, to be honest, it’s possible to deliver his order within 30 minutes (if I rush) but then since its a group order and his order is 2nd in queue (this is determined by the system, not me), no matter how I rush, I can’t make it within 30 minutes, not to mention that his food is not ready yet when I got his message.

Well, I contacted CS to reassign his order. I don’t want to deal with him nor do I wish to rush and still failed by his standard.

But this incident got me think, “How long will you wait for food delivery?”

  • How long will you wait for food delivery?

    • 15-20 minutes
    • less than 30 minutes
    • 30-45 minutes
    • Up to 60 minutes
    • More than 60 minutes if given good reason
    • Depends on time of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper)
  • What do you consider as waiting time?

    • After food is picked up (will be notified via message in the application)
    • Right after I make the order/call
  • Honestly, do you think Walkers should be removed from the system or not allowed grouped orders?

    • Remove Walkers completely
    • Just don’t assign Walkers group orders
    • No to both

What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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  1. I know the struggle, my ex works in the same field. No business allows walkers here though, I would have loved it. The customer should have ordered with another company if walkers annoy him. My only concern with waiting time is that my food gets cold. 😅
    I usually plan in advance so I’m not too worried about getting my meal on time. Honestly, if a delivery worker takes longer than expected, I’m more concerned about what happened to them than the food. 😯

  2. I usually go and pick up my own food…We don’t have walkers delivering food service, for one thing it is not safe at night to walk long distances to deliver food.
    However they do have drivers but not all takeaways have delivery service.

    • Food delivery is a common thing here.
      We’ve third party company that delivery for stores, cafes and restaurant.
      All you need is a phone and download the application to order food from participating partners.
      But same for here, walkers are usually not wanted.

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