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How Do You Weed Around a Cactus?

When my neighbor first planted this cactus in her side yard by the street, it looked pretty neat. That was last year. After the winter and spring rains, the little cacti have grown taller and wider, depending on the variety. Some even bloomed this year. The rocks that cover the unplanted areas show off the green cacti.

Unfortunately, the rains also brought weeds in the places  where they could grow through. I’m pretty sure there is landscape cloth or plastic under the rocks,  but it doesn’t prevent weeds in the holes the cacti themselves grow out of.

I wonder if people who plant cactus plants consider how they will weed them. I don’t think I’d want to weed this one or some of the others I saw near it. The weeds are very close to those wicked spines. How do you weed a cactus garden?

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  1. I have some tools that are useful in weeding around cacti. I am hoping to see my cactus plants in bloom at the Arizona place this spring! I have yellow and pink ones there. I did finally buy a pair of those gloves with claws on the ends of the fingers and they are wonderful for weeding in crushed rocks. They are supposed to resist thorns, but a thorn on one of my rose bushes went right through them, so I don’t think they will be good for weeding cacti.

      • I had been away from my place in AZ so long that the pink cactus was almost dead and did not bloom this year. The yellow one had just a few flowers. I hope I can save them. BTW, it sure was nice seeing you this summer, too bad I could not have stayed longer.

  2. I only have cacti in flowerpots and they are a pain to transplant. I have seen that people who work with cacti use some special gloves. I guess if someone has lots of them, it’s worth investing in something like that.

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