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House work and exercise


Those of you who have enjoyed Archie comics will know how Veronica goes to gyms but Betty gets the same exercise by doing house work.

There are a whole lot of  chores that work on our muscles and provide the same kind of exercise one would get going to a gym.  No need to spell out the benefits.

Here in India we have maids to take care of our daily chores but these days they are hard to find or they keep taking leave. Talking of house work that provides muscle exercise one such chore is baling out chapatis . I tried doing them the other day – my first attempt and realised how my fingers get the exercise while I am kneading the flour and my arms get moving while baling them out. I have decided to take over this chore and make chapatis myself.  I have yet to get the success of full puffed chapatis as you see in the image, but as they say practice will make that happen.

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