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Since two days ago, I tried harder to start sweeping notifications. I can not help, I consider it a debt that must be paid off. Luckily there are so many notifications about upvote that can easily be marked as “Mark Read” and then press the apply button, and done! But many can’t be treated like that, especially my comments on friends ‘posts or friends’ comments on my posts.

Indeed there are many posts that after I read the comments no longer require further replies, or at least only require “You’re welcome”, but still I must reread the contents of the posts, and the comments themselves, and that takes time, and the activity has to compete with the goal to read as many posts from all my time on Virily.

So, O dear friends, if I suddenly reply to your comments in your old post, know that I am trying to finish my homework on Virily.

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  1. I have a set pattern coming here. After a hot cup of tea I log on to my computer and the first thing I do is to open Virily. I go through every notification and comment where it is required. I share posts that have been published, transfer posts from the draft section to the pending list. Go to the latest posts and respond to a few and then settle down to creating more posts.

    I come here often during the day and see that no notification gets unattended to. I dig into archives and see if there are interesting posts to respond to.

    I enjoy Virily.

    • Thank you that you understand me, dear friend. At each notification, if I read someone’s name, like yours, I can’t just ignore it, and definitely feel that I should visit you too, even though you don’t need to do the opposite except that you really want to do it because you want to know about the contents a post.

      What makes me happy, in addition to the new stack of notifications, until now, the rest of the notifications that are still my homework is only about 175 left compared to thousands at the beginning of last week.

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