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Happy Today!

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating today!

Here, Easter is next weekend, and today is Palm Sunday. This day is known as the Day of Flowers in Bulgaria. On Palm Sunday all the people who are named after a flower celebrate their “name day”, and so do those who are named after Saint Lazarus on Saturday. If you want to learn more about Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday In Bulgaria click here, and if you want to learn how Easter is celebrated here, check this post.

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    When are you celebrating Easter?

    • 1. This Sunday
    • 2. Next Sunday
    • 3. I don’t celebrate it
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    2. Do you celebrate name days in your country?

    • 1. Yes
    • 2. No


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  1. I will be shipping on Wednesday. I’ll paint eggs on Thursday. On Friday I will knead Kozunaks. And in Nelelia they will bake and bake lamb. For Palm Sunday, I congratulated all my girlfriends on their holiday.


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