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The essence

The past year was an experience, a lesson, a trip, an exam. Today I already know that it is worth drawing conclusions and pulling the truth out of man. It is worth looking for the truth in yourself and in man. I know it’s worth returning – to what is good; to places, to people. And put an end to anger. I realize that people sometimes get frustrated, hurt, put on masks, and it’s amazing to crush those masks. I know that meeting with loved ones has meaning and taste. Also walks that are good – with people and to people we love.

I know it’s not worth living for a show. That love, faithfulness, sincerity, and soul is the essence. And that you cannot waste time. Opportunities need to be used.

I have concluded that some bridges have to fall into the abyss. That some tracks will not be brought back to life. That each champagne tastes different, – it depends on with whom we drink it, and that we can pass by each other next time.

I got to know belief within me, hope and strength. I felt that love is indestructible. It can touch the sky.

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