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Get Rid Of Reflections ~ Thursday Reflections

One day in her childhood, my youngest daughter was only six years old at the time, playing with two of her friends in the garden in front of the house. Only about three meters from where I was sitting at that time to pruning bonsai. They are playing with several toy cooking sets. On mats held on grass, they put several bowls filled with water as if they were serving cooked dishes. When my daughter squatted once more to put a plate filled with leaves, she suddenly fell and sat down.

I was quite surprised to see what happened to her even though I didn’t know the reason. She looked at me who stood up to approach her, “Daddy, get rid of the sun from the bowls, please… I feel glare”. I smiled while hugging her. There, from her squatting position, I saw the very glare reflection of the sun in each bowl.

Pay attention to the elephant statue. The shiny object reflects everything around it. Can you imagine as if the ornamental statue does not reflect anything even though it remains in its place?

Now, can you mention anything that bounces on your mind? Then, can your mind pause to not reflect anything? Could it be? If you can do it and don’t see any reflection of thought, then you have entered the clarity. You enter openness and rest from your awareness that reflects your thoughts; your body, your history, your desires, your fears – you must be aware, because these other things cannot even appear to you without your awareness, and you rest from it.

At that time, you might experience – even if only for a moment – “pure intelligence”, becoming “pure awareness”, beyond what we always associate as our consciousness which is actually not personal to us. It is not limited by our bodies and is totally irrelevant to the subjective ideas or feelings we might have as personal selves. Its nature is unlimited and fully open. This is when a person experiences awareness as synonymous with infinite space itself, because space, such as awareness, is not an object, has no location, and is completely infinite and open. That’s when we fuse with the Oneness, the Supreme One which covers and fill everything where no one is outside the only Being. At that fusion time, we will disappear, like a drop of water in the sea, in exactly the same way that we disappear when we realize that we are pure consciousness – that we are not our thoughts, bodies, sensations, or memories but rather unlimited openness where everything something appears.

No matter how great we can imagine something, so beautiful or great or fantastic about ourselves or the universe, or dimensions outside 4D, the pure reality is beyond our limited imagination, and it is the greatest thing a person can achieve in one’s life. Even so, the realization is not outside of us, because it is nothing but the source and essence of our present consciousness where actually, there is really no way to separate It from us, regardless of whether we believe it or not.

  • Do you believe that there are people who have experienced pure intelligence or fused with pure awareness?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever felt interested in ideas about enlightenment?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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          • This is very true. Each step of the journey is a willful attempt to move forward. We must always remember that our hearts, our minds and eventually if we are lucky our clarity is formed by that path.

          • Truly interesting, the application of rules to a path. I believe that our paths should be rule free. That our interactions with other travelers is where we apply the rules.

            The voice in the wilderness cries loudest against injustice.

        • Indeed, in fact the path is free of rules, at all. It’s just that, there is a mental condition as a kind of rule of nature that must be available to be able to enter that path. Without it, chances are everything will be hampered. That condition, or the attitude I have mentioned before for example; courage, determination, and willingness to let go of the ego; attachment, fear, and desire besides prioritizing sincerity and humility. That’s what I mean by “rules”, but in a different sense.

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