Four great sports events

These days we are witnessing great sporting events.


The World Championship in football was held in Russia with 32 teams taking part.

21 The World Championship was finished with the final match at the  Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

The finals were played by teams from France and Croatia.France won 4-2 and proved that it is the best football team in the world.

They showed that they were playing the best football and that’s why they won the title. In France there was a great celebration of the fans, who celebrated the title.


Yesterday, the Tennis Grand Slam Tournament was finalized in Wimldon, England

Wimbledon is a temple of tennis with a long tradition that the England respects and preserves.

The first Wimbledon tournament began on July 9, 1877

In the women’s competition, the winner was German Angelique Kerber and in the men’s

Serbian  Novak Djokovic. This is Djokovic’s 4th title while Angelica Kerber won first time.. The winners in the men’s doubles are: Bryan Mike. / Sock Jack.

The winners in the women’s pair are: Barbora Krejchikova / Katerina Siniakova both women from the Czech Republic.


The third major sporting event is the Tour de France-France bicycle race

The start of the race was July 7 and the end in Paris on 29 July 2018.

The first race was held in 1903. This year’s race is uncertain.

The question is whether Chris Froome and his Sky team will be able to win the same as last year or the title would take some other cyclist.


And finally, we have an uncertain finish in the car race formula one.

Shortened F1 Started in 1950, it belongs to the most viewed racing of motor vehicles, which can develop speeds of 320km / h

This year, the candidates are German driver Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton British driver.

Sebastian Vettel drives for the Italian Ferrari team , while Lewis Hamilton drives for f the Mercedes team to compete for the best, the car’s engineer.

Since the end of the season there are 11 races on different tracks, it is in fact completely unknown who will really win.


  • Do you like watching football?

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  • How many times did Djokovic Novak win the title in The Championships, Wimbledon?

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    • 3
  • Does Chris Froome have a decent opponent on the tour?

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    • No
  • Can Formula One vehicles reach 300 km / h?

    • Yes
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