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For dinner – wine kebab

In my country, the wine kebab is very popular, whose name comes from the fact that when frying the products, the mixture is diluted not with water, like ordinary kebab, but with red wine, which further enriches the taste of the dish.

Preparation technology

The technology for the preparation of kebabs was borrowed from Oriental cuisine and was subsequently further developed and modified according to the specifics of our national cuisine. Pork is used, the sauce is prepared with eggs and milk, so it has a white color instead of the typical red. Kebabs are prepared in several ways and in practice their variety is great both because of the different products and the different treatments used. Different types of meat are used, preferably younger and tender lamb, veal and pork than the counterfeit, lid, apple, shoulder and helmet; lamb meat from the thigh, shoulder, tubular and rib part. More meat of roe deer, sturgeon and sturgeon is used.

The sauce may be differently colored. It is delicious and aromatic, due to the many spices used – savory, mint, black pepper, bay leaf, wine, peppers, garlic and more. Kebabs are served with or without garnish.

Mine has a garnish of cooked potatoes this time. I also make a garnish of cooked white rice.

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