False-Consensus Effect Bias

I believe this will make many people stop and think for a minute. I know that I am fairly secure and set with my core beliefs. It would take a lot to shake those. Since they seem right, normal, logical and make so much sense to me, I may wrongly think that others agree with me. I would have never named it as a bias until I did the research. This bias is one that I definitely have probably need to make a greater effort to keep it in check.

Assuming that most people feel the same way as you can get you into some hot water.  I don’t think I will say anything more until I take a good long look at myself.

For information on other bias

  • Do you ever assume people agree with you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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      • Gut-feeling/judgment– hence, specific ‘core belief’ nudges us of something-is-wrong-or way-off-here. And then, we begin to target our self-awareness mode to take action on the good, ethical thing.

        Unless, people refuse to do anything about what their conscience is guiding them to do. But instead, they give-in and conduct themselves into that robotic group-think repeat-after-me belief system and mantra.

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