Touting itself as the ‘World’s Radio Station’, pretending to be neutral, the BBC has invaded and infected news reports all over the world.

People believe what they hear on the BBC as if it is gospel when it is a greater propaganda machine than what exists in North Korea.

The BBC has always had it’s bias, but knows how to mask it so it comes across as reliable.

For example, the BBC has always been anti-Israel, anti-Jewish.   The world is unaware of this due to the bland way the ‘news’ is presented.

For example, Hamas invaded Israel.  There is no question about that.  They invaded and brutally murdered 1,400 people.   No denial, in fact, Hamas has videoed much of its actions.

Yet the BBC treated the invasion of Israel as of no greater danger than that of a football pitch, and has tried to make Israel at fault.

It will always broadcast the voices of Palestinians, always focus on their losses, as if Israel was the aggressor.

You will rarely hear the voice of an Israeli describing rocket attacks, deaths, trauma, for the purpose of the BBC is to get the world on the side of Palestine.

In this endeavour, they have been quite successful, building anti-Jewish sentiment all over the world.  From Boston to Austria to Australia, people are excreting their hatred of Jews.

The BBC  must proudly take credit for stirring up this sentiment.  Many countries have no eyes and ears in the middle east and rely on the BBC for information. Having been doing this kind of propaganda for decades, the BBC is a master of deception.

It is simple to manipulate public opinion by concentrating on one side of a conflict.  The BBC does this well, pretending to give ‘both sides’.  The public doesn’t note one side gets more coverage than the other.  This imbalance evokes sympathy for the side it backs.

The public gets a skewered view, designed by the BBC with deliberacy, allowing it to fool the public into believing what it broadcasts is the truth.


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Written by jaylar


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