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Falling star

When I have insomnia, I often sit under the open sky in my terrace breathing the fresh air. And suddenly the black night’s space was enlighted by a falling star. The star flew so nearby!

Usually, the stars are falling at the end of summer here, so I was a little surprised. In the ears, I heard dad’s voice: make a wish, make a wish…

I tried to come up with a desire and suddenly realized that everything I want is here: under this great sky, under my feet, in the night wind, in my breathing, and in my heart.

The star crossed the darkness and fell into infinity. I couldn’t even move for a few minutes – I was stunned by my perception: I have everything I need. Absolutely.

After that, life came back again: I heard grasshoppers, somewhere the dog barked, and I went to sleep. But I know that moment was a miraculous gift.

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Written by Fortune