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Unnoticed beauty that is always around

I’m moving fast. Cold windy evening, snow is falling and instant melting. A strip of garlands adorning the center of the main alley is shinning in white color. My Milky Way. The bare linden branches whisper over my head, I hear my silent steps, and my heart calms down. After a busy day, I slowly return to myself, though feeling quite tired.

Gradually, I dive into being here and now. It gives rise to an even deeper awareness that prevents you from getting lost in the endless daily activities and worries. The true path under my feet, without condemnation, without compassion for myself, without anger, and lies.

I watch how snowflakes slowly land on the coat and turn into tiny drops of water. And I smile, admittedly modestly but sincerely. In front of me, in just a few steps, a woman decorates a shop window. Noticing my smile responds with shiny eyes.

Maybe out of the desire to see how the seasons change, not just from tiredness I am going out for such walks. When all corners of the soul are emptied, when the steps are followed by peace, it seems as if everyone is taking off the curtains of everyday life from the eyes and they see the unnoticed beauty that is always around.

In the photo is the Christmas tree in our capital Vilnius. 

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