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Extreme Measures

I cannot begin to tell you the extreme measures I have used to try and keep this site up, running and positive. I ran contests and gave people cash. All they were required to do was a comment with a specific word in the comment. NO ONE did it. I either have to assume they didn’t read or they didn’t want a chance to win the money I was offering. Instead of an ah-ha moment,  it was an uh oh moment. If people won’t write a comment to enter a chance to win “$”, there is no hope. It’s just a matter of time.

We as a family decided to be done with the whole Virily thing.  We could certainly find other ways to spend our time and be more productive and interact with people who actually read and understand.

It turned out that it broke my husband’s heart. He honestly cares about some people here and he believes that he makes a difference in their lives. He can’t do it alone and I can’t tell him no. That is the reason I am still here and very active. I could still be friends with any of you even if the site went away, but this is his only channel and I am not quite ready to break his spirit.

He wants to try again. I do not. I will not without knowing if anyone will participate. I can not see him hurt again.

I will be happy to live with whatever decision is made by tallying the results. (If in the past you have called me names you are not eligible. You are forgiven and not forgotten.)

  • Will you follow directions and be entered into a contest for some cash?

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