Strange coincidences

There is the following psychological test:

When we talk on the phone and have paper and pencil on hand, we involuntarily write something, draw lines or circles, flowers or clouds. The invisible inner self guides our hand. And according to those subconscious drawings, experienced professionals tell us our emotional state, character, and secret desires.

And so it happened to me: I talked with mom and didn’t even notice what I was doing with my hand for an entire hour. And at the end of the conversation, I realized I was drawing a boy with his body half immersed into water.

But that’s not the end: on the evening of that day, we went to the exhibition of a well-known artist who is our friend for many years. And  – you won’t believe it! – I was stunned when saw very similar drawing on the wall – the boy half immersed in water.

Sometimes I begin to believe that time is not linear, that events do not necessarily happen one after the other.Did you notice that?

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  1. I think that with lack of knowledge, understanding, information, etc, some incidents in our lives might seem to be coincidences.

    But, I think that all things are connected by love and spirit, and when we see the lines of connection, we can also see all along the lines of connection too, but this is not coincidence, just the way things are.

    We can see where the lines connect and meet, and go to, and with such insight, comes understanding of why these things are connected too.

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