Ever wondered How much time do we spend on gossip?

Have you ever tried to estimate how much time do we spend while discussing others and gossiping. You will be surprised to know that we spend approximately 52 minutes means an hour on gossip.

According to a recent study in University of California, we spend an hour talking about other and gossiping in a 16 hours a day.

467 persons participated in this research, out of which 269 women and 198 men and their ages between 18-55. In research, it was observed that instead of big events or celebrities, make their own acquaintances more subject matter. Research says, young people talk more unusual than older people.

Similarly, educated people are also considered that they would avoid unnecessary conversations, however, his gossip period and the number of less educated people were also similar

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  1. You just made me realize that when we go on different sites and read what others have written and then comment on that and pass some of the ideas on in a way we are gossiping and we do this every day. It might be a different form of gossip but it is still gossip. Like I go online and find something interesting to write about then I do and I pass that information on to others.

  2. I rarely gossip about celebrities, while I often tell the latest news or reveal things about people I know, unless they’re too private, of course.
    I don’t think I spend several hours a day gossiping, anyway. 😄

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