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E for Eagle – for Alibb’s alphabet challenge

I clicked this photo from our terrace.  This eagle is a regular visitor and it is seen on top of our water tank  – quite a height  Reminds me of the movie “Where Eagles Dare”

I do not befriend eagles as they come only to see if they can catch hold of some prey.  Years ago they dropped a chicken in our compound  It was alive and mother nurtured it but its beak was twisted and it could not eat on its own.  Mother spent hours feeding it

Eagles make an eerie sound looking around for their prey.  They are mostly seen where chicken are reared.  We do not have chickens but probably it comes to perch on our water tank just so that it can survey the area – kind of feeling it gets  “I am the Monarch of all I survey”

Eagle is the right bird for Alibb’s alphabet challenge but not a bird that I like to befriend (lol)

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