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Dude and Friend ~ Critter Saturday

Sharing a photo of the Dude with today’s Critter Saturday challenge. He is sleeping in one of two cat trees I have for him and Brendel. He is so big, you can see he barely fits in this one. When it gets cold he will snuggle up inside the tree. But for now he tries to keep cool by keeping his head out one end of the cubicle, and has other end out the other. 

Do you see his little friend chilling with him beside his back foot? He is on a string. He played with this little guy until he got so tired, he just fell asleep. Always entertained by my cats. I always get a good laugh when I hear him snoring. Inside this cubicle, it sounds like an echo chamber. Gotta love the cats.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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    Do you see the Dude’s little friend beside him?

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    Pets are good company to have, and can keep our stress levels down, agree?

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Dylan has a stuffed elephant we call peanut. IT is funny but his sister (Raven) destroys stuffed animals. Peanut is number 3 (Peanut 3) but is nearly 2 years old now)!