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Do you like parsley?

Native to the Mediterranean region, parsley is a well-known aromatic herb grown in my country. I really like its taste and I use it a lot when I cook.

Parsley Benefits

1. Acts against fluid retention – The essential oils present in the herb have a diuretic action that increases the flow of urine and thus helps to eliminate the fluid retained in the body.

2. Is good for the skin – Vitamin C in parsley acts as an antioxidant, fighting structures that damage healthy cells and lead to premature aging.

3. Prevents colds and flu – The action of flavonoids like luteolin fights the onset of allergies, flu, and colds.

4. Fight urinary infections – The diuretic action of parsley increases urinary flow and antibacterial fights pathogenic microorganisms. Together, these properties help treat urinary tract infections.

5. Parsley Lose Weight – In addition to being low in calories, parsley can be used as a substitute for salt, as it is a tasty spice, thus reducing the amount of sodium ingested. As a consequence, there is a lower tendency to swelling, contributing to the elimination of surplus liquid, which has a positive effect on the balance.

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  1. I voted I didn’t like parsley because for some reason I find it to be gross, but then I like the salsa verde (green sauce) so I’m a living contradiction, I guess. ?
    I’m from the North and Bollito Misto is a very popular dish that’s served with that sauce.
    I didn’t know it had all these health benefits, thanks for sharing! ?

  2. I used to eat parsley a lot in morning beverages, i used to mix pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon, celery and parsly, it was very healthy, im thinking about doing it again