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Do you like parrots?

Some people have parrots as pets. I am not sure if they are good as pets. They are funny and beautiful. I like parrots because they seem very smart. But they have their drawbacks. They are messy, naughty and they make a lot of noise. My neighbors have a parrot and at 6 am they have to wake up. Their parrot makes a lot of noise. And they bite. Parrots are not pets as a dog or cat. They do things on their own terms. Some parrots learn to say some words and I think this is amazing. I have a cat and I couldn’t have a parrot. My cat would follow the parrot everywhere. Do you like parrots? Do you have one?

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  1. I love parrots, never seen one in the wild except in photos. I wouldnt have one as a pet, unless I had a big outdoor indoor aviary. I have owned a parrot before, and many budgies. My parrot harassed the cats so much they became afraid of birds. It was sad to see them go outside, a bird would fly by, and they would crouch, and hit the deck. lol It still isnt a good idea to have one if you have a cat. Love this picture. Wow, it is stunning.

  2. You bring an exceptional point to bear. The reality is dogs chose to live with humans. Cats, also choose to live with humans. All the rest of nature (Tigers, Parrots, Budgies) don’t always choose to live with us. They are after all wild animals.

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