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Do you find it difficult to create polls on Virily?

I do not find it easy to write a “poll” piece on Virily – I wonder if other members have the same problems that I do?

It looks as though it should be simple enough, if you follow these steps:

1.     Write your title

2.     Upload your text (I always do this rather than typing it directly into the box)

3.     Upload your photo or other image (I do this via the “Browse Files” button)

4.     Select a category

5.     Tick the “agree with terms and conditions” box

6.     Enter your questions for the poll

One would imagine that all one then had to do was click on Publish or Save Draft for the poll to appear and be available to view. However, this is not the case.

Instead, a box comes up suggesting that I upload my image, despite the fact that I have already done so! At this point there is absolutely nothing one can do. There are no means presented on screen for uploading an image, or for doing anything else!

The only thing I have found that works is to use the back arrow to return to the original “Create Something Beautiful” screen, then press “Poll” again.

What then comes up is some of the poll that I have been working up. The image is there, and so are the questions, but that is all one gets. The title has disappeared, as has the text and the category choice. These therefore have to be re-supplied. 

Another problem is that uploaded text always needs to be edited, because some of the spaces between words simply disappear. The clever thing is to copy the text after it has been edited so that it can be pasted back as needed.

When everything has been entered for the second time, pressing the Publish button works and the poll goes through.

This palaver therefore raises a few questions, which are offered below.

  • Question /

    Do you create polls on Virily?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    If you answered Yes, do you experience the same problems that I do?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Could you suggest a better way of proceeding?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question /

    Have you got any idea why Virily’s software is so difficult to use?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I always start with uploading the image. The image usually isn’t appeared, then I reload the page and the image will be displayed this time. Then I just continue adding the rest and click on Submit button. Everything goes well in this manner. I just need the extra step to reload the page after uploading the image. Sometimes when I entered the poll questions, they aren’t appeared on the page and I thought they are gone, but they actually are already saved and displayed nicely.

  2. It is all the discussions about these problems that have led me not to even try to create a poll. I gave up on stories, and galleries, and ranked lists, and etc… I just like watching the five or six posts in “pending” linger perpetually.

  3. Yes it is an unnecessary ordeal we have to go through for our polls. Nobody seems to be working on this issue for a long time now. I do the same as our friend Ileana. It is like making two polls when you create one. The time spent is crazy!

  4. Ileana, has given you the best way to “counter” the problem (in my opinion) as that is what I do and I gather information that some other users are doing this too …

    For the text and polls options (and question), changes will not be saved on first try usually (especially if its some corrections of texts/spelling…etc)…

    Best way to counter that is to add a new question at the end OR move the order of the questions (or options) around. Not a sure way but works 80% of the time …

  5. I usually upload the photo first and then press reload this page button. Then I write the title, text, question, category, agree with terms and conditions and press publish button. I do not find it complicated. I find it more complicated to choose the topic to write about!😀

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