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That the look never lies.

Have you ever been talking to someone who never looks at you in the eye? Instead of looking into your eyes, he looks out the window or the tops of his shoes.

Our eyes almost always show our true feelings and our attitude to things. Glances never lie. Looking at a person in the eyes during a conversation talks about honesty, respect and sincerity. Although we all know this unwritten rule, some people find it particularly difficult to respect it.

Curious facts about the eyes you may not know

Most often, the reasons are related to some hidden problem, we are shy, we do not show emotions, we experience insecurity or we suffer from low self-esteem. In that case, first we have to deal with our inconveniences. Only then will we appreciate the advantage of visual contact and how much we can understand for our interlocutor, just by the way he looks at us.

The eyes speak more than we think

People who see their interlocutors in the eyes are perceived as stronger, with leadership positions, more natural and casual, more honest and sincere, more confident and even more skilled and knowledgeable. This also enhances the quality of your communication because it enhances the sense of communication and proximity.

It was a portrait of Gencho with whom I have been living together for 14 years. For a challenge on another site I had to cut the photo. Now I use it here.

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  1. Eye contact is recommended in most cultures, modern communication or interaction, as also discussed in psychology, but there are cultures or customs that avoid it, at least there are ways and manners that govern it. I myself have no problem with that.

  2. Yes indeed, making eye contact is crucial wen conversing with someone. Even some animals will not look you in the eye when they have done something bad.

  3. You do know that in some cultures it is considered rude to look someone in the eye. In fact in southeast asia it is actually considered rude to look someone in the eye. Doing so when first meeting that person is a huge social faux pax…