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Are you happy with the little gestures?

This beautiful gift gave me an occasion to find something on the theme of “Great Wonders of Little Gestures.”

Great Wonders of Small Gestureswe are not what we see in the mirror. Every mirror saturates the hunger of our vanity – we make a bunch of hair, add a little lipstick … There is a confidence that is worthy of the envy of others. The trick we can not do without.There is no fear that can not be overcome. There are no words that can not be spoken. Silence to others can not be the rescue island for our survival as shipwrecked. The winds will not stop. The excitement in the sea of life reflects the true storms in our souls.This reflection is inevitable in the evening.Small gestures do great miracles. No one is required. Nothing comes in freely. Compassion returns hundreds, and at any moment we must remember that we can easily cause pain, but we can hardly rely on sympathy for those we have hurt. Causal relationship is a basic principle in our short existence, and hundreds of mirrors are not enough to justify unconscious injustice.Beauty is always inevitable. We must remain part of it. As if we were listening together bosha new: looking each other, gently shaking his head in the rhythm of jazz, sipping slowly with drinks that willingly let our unwavering sympathy to the world we live together. Me and you. And everyone else.Everything is for sharing. Love, cigarette, bed, city streets, sand on the beach, glittering flowers in the sky, and white stars in the crowns of the spring trees. As soon as we can walk the barely noticeable layer of the earth’s atmosphere, it can not be difficult to overcome the differences between us.Tolerance is also jazz.While we are young, we believe there are no forbidden and unforgivable things. Over the years, we are gradually realizing that insult and contempt for others are growing in our own souls. This waste is hard to throw out. Trash that others might not suspect, but who comfortably fits between the enjoyable day’s fatigue and the thirst for sleep.Life in the middle is not a life.We are pardoned by the magus of creation to be solid by sharing beauty with all living beings. Appearance is important, but only if we are tidy inside, we will be able to know the love of others.

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Written by lacho59


  1. You are such a wonderful person and friend. This photo is incredible. I always talk about the little things in life. They are so important. Beautifully worded. Thank you.

  2. I am a great believer of “It is the thought that counts”. I appreciate effort more than anything else. And yes, beauty is inevitable because beauty is the signature of God manifested ? and hence we can find beauty in everyone and everything ?