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Dad Said Hello From Beyond

When my dad passed it was the worst day of my life. I was sitting by the bed, he opened his eyes and looked at me he then took one last breath and died. I whispered in his ear and told him to let me know if he was alright. A few weeks later I called my wife from our landline to her cell phone. And she noticed that this strange number came up above my wife’s number to whom I was calling. 

She showed me the number but I didn’t recognize it at first, so she asked, “don’t you remember that number?” then she said, “think about it for a minute.” I did and it suddenly came to me, that was my dad’s cell phone number above which had appeared in smaller numbers ln red she said, “it’s been doing that for a while.” She said. It continued that way until my wife got a new cell phone. It never happened to us again. I believe It was my dad telling me he was o.k.. if anybody could do this it would be my old man.

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  1. That is always a good thing to receive a sign. What do you think of those who commit suicide? Are they forgiven? I very dear friend passed away unexpectedly and I knew him very well and to this day I believe he took his own life. After it happened I was still living in Latvia and I heard a phone ringing in the night and i answered and it was his voice and i knew he wanted to tell me what had happened but as I shouted into the phone he faded away. He tried two more times but the connection failed each time and I never found out what really happened.

    • Unfortunately, humans are born skeptics and as such, we have an innate fear of the unknown or unseen. This is because from a young age we are usually taught that being concerned about where I am to spend eternity is somehow “dabbling with dark forces” This is such a debilitating blow and sets one back immensely. We are all born psychic. There are the remnants of a third-eye directly in the middle of your forehead, (Google it) All mystics know this and use it to “see” that which is unseen. We can all “see” as clearly as any psychic/mystic if we can rid ourselves of skepticism if we can only believe it.


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