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Has Someone Ever Sent You A Message That Only You Would Understand?

Our South-African friends Julia and Chris had emigrated to Southern Ireland several years ago and were here to visit us recently when she sold us this story, she said, “only you would understand this. People who die still watch over us. I’m not entirely sure how, it is possible, but back in Ireland, no one believes me, but I had a friend who passed a few years ago in a car accident. 

She always told me if anything should ever happen to her that she wanted me to take care of her dog. Her dog, Shamus was a young pug, she lived miles from me, and her dog never came to my house and at the time of her death, I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in a few months. One night I heard a dog barking outside of my front door. I didn’t think anything of it until my dog started to growl, all of its hair stood up, it stared at the door. 

The dog outside started to scratch on the door, my dog suddenly started dancing around excitedly, and wagging her tail, (she knew my late friend well) I opened the door and there was a little brown pug. It ran in my house and jumped into the dog bed, my dog went and laid down with it. I looked like my friend’s dog and so I searched outside but didn’t see her anywhere. 

I thought maybe she came over for some important reason, so I went and looked at the  dog’s tags, it was her dog, Shamus, alright. That’s when I noticed how dirty the dog was. I called her home number and someone else answered. I said I had her dog and that’s when they told me she had died in a car crash,  just three days earlier. The person on the other end said the dog ran away that same night. It seems it spent three days finding me. I believe, she had led her dog to me.”

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