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Dreams Are Good Things, Right?

I was a kid of 6 when I woke up from a “bad dream”. When my mom came to my room to see why I was crying, I told her that I dreamed that I was riding a bike and that it was racing down a steep hill with three busy intersections, something like the steep hills of San Francisco. I did not know how to stop the bike from hurtling towards a muddy river in flood, with several rusted car wrecks bobbing up and down. I could not swim. At the last moment, just before landing in the river, I managed to swerve to the left and crashed into an old willow tree. Read on…

  • Have you had a vivid dream like this?

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    • It was a good click-through until this one. You know exactly what I’m doing to get more views on my posts, and as you pointed out, my actions don’t directly affect me, but as the butterfly theory suggests, what goes around, comes around eventually. SEO, as you well know, cannot be taught in, 10 seconds, and what you are saying, is only skimming the surface of the fascinating concept, the general reaction to my lingering, trending posts, would rather suggest that I’m applying some or other shady, sinister/covert/blackhat/illegal/shenanigans here. The online course took all of 2 hours, solid, for my, (sub-standard brain) to absorb just the theory, the application, once understood, took another hour. I was prepared to make a free simplfied explainer video version of what I do if there were enough parties interested. That was the release of the first broadside, volley leveled at me. Interpreted my actions as: “You won’t tell because you really don’t have anything to say.” to, you must not be fooled by his tricks, he is using, Bs., bs, bs, ad nausea… tactics. So readily I have become a pariah, like Leonardo da Vinci was when, heaven forbid, made the allegation that the earth was actually round and not flat! P.S. What I really don’t get is why Virily won’t allow us to edit our posts…

      • virily did, but it caused a crisis.

        I did see the hue and cry about your system. I am sorry about that. Like anything it is a personal choice as to what we do. I have noticed an uptick in overall views, for everyone so please let me be the first to applaud your efforts.

        It is awesome what you are doing. I don’t think of you as a pariah.

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