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Cute and Creative Thumbdrives!!

I’ve gotten one of these. I know they’re knock-offs and from China. I just love that they’re more creatively designed than the normal “branded” (quality assured) ones. You know I’ve a thing for cute stuffs!

I know the risk involved for their cheaper price. Because there are some unethical sellers who will fake the capacity and make it appears as the capacity they advertised. Say they advertised the drive to have 64GB, they’ll program a 32GB (some more heartless seller will use a 16GB or even 8GB one) to show that it has 64GB! But when you add files bigger than its original capacity, they just get corrupted and won’t work! If you’ve no backup for those files… sorry, they’re gone… (well, maybe some experts could try and recover them but it won’t be cheap and takes time)

I took the gamble and well, I won, in a way … They’re not the fastest in writing and reading speed but at least they’re working and have the stated memory capacity. I’ve tested them with testing programs!

  • Which do you think I got?

    • Cola
    • Film
    • Guitars
    • Ice Cream
    • Sushi
    • Wooden Peg
  • Will you get one, now that you know the risk involve?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. If they’re cheap, they might be worth a try. Very cute, indeed! 😊
    I voted for “Sushi”, it would have been my first choice too but “a little bird told me” the sushi ones were out of stock so you got the cola one. 😄

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