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Color Crazy – Red passion flower

I think I have  already posted this picture here some time back. However, I thought its the perfect one for the color crazy challenge. It’s one of my favorite flowers.

There are about 500 known varieties of plassifora. These plants are known to have great medicinal value.

Some studies say that consuming tea made from the flowers could have some amazing benefits.

Medicinal Value

It is said that drinking the tea has a calming effect on people.

It is said to reduce anxiety.

It is claimed to help people with insomnia.

It calms and soothes the stomach.

Side effects

It could cause dizziness and confusion in some people. It is not advisable for pregnant women to consume plassiflora tea.

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  1. We had the passiflora in our garden which is also known as the passion flower that produced passion fruits Our gardener deep pruned it and killed the vine Those flowers were white and dark blue.

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