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Choose Treasures ~ Macro Photography

While out enjoying the sunshine yesterday I noticed these tiny white weeds growing in the garden. No idea what they are called and they are so tiny I used the macro setting on the camera. 

Treasures to some, weeds to others.

Sort of like how people are in life. There are beautiful caring people in the world, but from another’s perspective, they could be seen as trash. Nothing at all. Beneath them perhaps. 

Life is all about our perception and choices.

Nature continues to teach me every single day. I choose to see the beauty in nature and people. I hope you will join me.

Photo Β©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. It’s such a clear bright white, it reminds me of jasmine flowers. ?

    Weeds are a way for nature to restore the soil, by protecting and nourishing it. They also give a place for insects and small animals to stay. When I remove weeds, I feel sorry because of this. However, no matter what you do, nature never gives up, she keeps on doing what she believes is right. I guess that can count as a lesson. ?

  2. They’re quite pretty… maybe I can have a pot of these … at least they’ll survive longer? LOL

    Lessons from nature…? I think they’re a lot … one of them is never to bully something because of their small size.. their bites can be deadly!

  3. It is so true – it is all about our perception, our view of the world. When I had a course of counselling a couple of years back, the psychotherapist said “Everything is a filter.” I didn’t really see what she meant at the time, but now I do.


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